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Stone Sheep

Tahltan Outfitters Stone Sheep hunts are twelve day exclusive horseback excursions. Your expert guide will take you on the hunt of a lifetime through breathtaking valleys and over stunning mountain terrain to your dream ram.

With Tahltan Outfitters all hunters have had a 100% opportunity rate on Stone Sheep with the average size coming in at 37” with 13.5” bases.  Huge Stone Sheep rams up to 43” with 15.5” bases have been taken as well!

Stone Sheep are considered to be the most elusive of all North American Sheep species which makes it all the more important to be hunting with an experienced and successful crew.  Our guides and horses will give 110% on every  hunt to ensure that their client has every chance possible to harvest the mature ram of his or her dreams!

You can add a goat to your sheep hunt for a trophy fee. All hunts include a complimentary wolf tag. (Skinning fees are additional and paid directly to your guide.)

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Stone Sheep: Specials
Stone Sheep: Pro Gallery

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