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Canadian Moose

Lake Hunts

Tahltan Outfitters area hosts an astonishing number of over thirty lakes.  These lakes are surrounded by an intricate swamp system offer some of the best Moose hunting in British Columbia. 

The Canadian Moose found on our lakes are larger than average due to the fact that some of our lakes are only miles from the Yukon border bringing the influence of the large Alaska/Yukon moose. The average Moose is 55" with 60"+ bulls being harvested each season.

During these hunts, you will stay in cozy rustic lakeside cabins. These lake hunts are less physically demanding then our horse hunts. You may end up calling right from the boat or walking to vantage points on shore. The farther you are willing to go ashore, the more Tahltan country you open up to your hunt!

Lake Hunts can be booked 1-1 and 2-1 (hunter/s-guide).

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